Contraption Guidelines

  • Contraption must be non-motorized
  • Contraption wheels must fit into the tracks
  • must roll by means of human propulsion (e.g., pedals, rowing,pulling, pushing, etc…)
  • Contraption may not extend more than 18 inches beyond its wheels on either side, and must not be taller than 14 feet
  • Contraption builders must submit basic drawings with dimensions, materials (including type of wheel & type of axle- including axle max weight load), total max weight load for contraption, and max number of riders, by August 15th
  • Once applications are processed, a “loading time” will be assigned for you to deliver your contraption to the tracks
  • Once contraption has safely rolled down the tracks, you must be at the finish site to collect your contraption for immediate removal from the tracks. Contraptions may not sit stationary on the tracks for any period of time
  • Contraption will be inspected the day of H Street Festival by event organizers and must be deemed safe in order to participate in the parade.

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