About The Atlas Armada

The “Atlas Flagship” was built for the 2011 H Street Festival and featured a 12′ foot tall sculpture of Atlas. This contraption measures about 30 feet long by 14 feet high, weighed about 2200 pounds, and was successfully pedal-powered from 8th St. to 14th St. and back again on the H St. trolley tracks during the Festival. Crowd response was tremendous as people flocked to see it. We need you to build floats to join the Atlas Armada. As the H Street Festival grows in attendance every year, our ability to create a bona fide spectacle should cement Festival attendance for years to come, as well as help cast significant media attention on H Street in general. Per the basic accompanying guidelines, design creativity is strongly encouraged as long as the contraption moves only by human power with wheels that fit into the trolley tracks, and as long as the contraption is 100% safe. We are happy to share as much information as we can about what we learned building the flagship so as to make your job as easy as possible. You are welcome to advertise your business on your float, and we encourage you to find sponsors to help fund the building of your contraption. Please note that vehicles that act as nothing more than a rolling advertisement while exhibiting little or no creativity are discouraged and may be disallowed by the event organizers. Eventually we will create awards for floats, but bear in mind this is an inclusive event intended to highlight positive interaction between all participants. Everyone wins if we all play nice.


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