Nothing Could Stop RadiSkull at the H Street Festival

Neither Rain Nor the D.C. Fire Marshal Could Stop RadiSkull at the H Street Festival

The saying goes, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”, and our gift to the H Street community was a recycled beer (and soda) can sugar skull. We couldn’t roll down the tracks this year, but we’ll be back next year!


Want to build a kinetic sculpture? Come meet the crew!

Do you like to build things? Can you hold a hammer or a paintbrush? Do you like junkyards and thriftstores?  Are you just a little bit weird?  Would you like to meet people who are inspired by opportunities to make art and create community?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, you’ll fit in just fine.

Come to our next planning meeting on July 3rd at 8pm at Little Miss Whiskeys Golden Dollar.

See you then!

Corruption Fish 2012 – From the Deepest Depths…to the Highest Heights

Corruption Fish 2012 – We Did It!

The Atlas Armada rode again at the 2012 H Street Festival with the Corruption Fish, a human-powered Art Car/DJ Booth. Special thanks to Kevin, Andrea, Rose, Chris, Erica, Liz, Ben, Mike, Roy, and everyone else who pitched in.  Thanks also to the  Daily Rider bike shop for sponsoring us this year! Here is a video and here are some more photos.

The Atlas Armada Rides Again – Come Be A Part of the Insanity

Build Your Own Human-Powered Streetcar, and enter it in an Art Parade at 8th Annual The H Street Festival in Washington, DC!

The Atlas Armada Team meets every Tuesday night at 8pm, upstairs at Little Miss Whiskeys Golden Dollar.

Come join us and find out what we are all about.

If you would like to enter a float in this year’s Armada, please read the Guidelines, the fill out an Application. If you have any questions, contact Peter Luce.

If you would like to sponsor a float, please e-mail Julia Robey Christian.